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If you or someone you know have become a victim of fraud or unfair business practices and are looking for compensation, you’ve come to the right place. Complaint City gives you the ammunition you need to fight back against bad businesses both large and small. We can help you get refunds, cash, gift certificates or even a formal apology.

Complaint City’s FREE dispute resolution service is easy and effective. Once a complaint is validated and made public it is heavily marketed which encourages the offending business to immediately rectify the issue. Complaint City communicates with the offending business on your behalf, anonymously, and helps you and the business find a remedy. As a result, the consumer is happy and the business is able to rectify the situation and rid themselves of bad press.

As you know, in business, reputation is everything. Go ahead, submit a complaint, watch it go viral and get the compensation you deserve.

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  • My reservation was lost. Nobody had any recollection of it. I was stranded in New York and ended up sleeping in the airport. I contacted Complaint City and they were able to get me a free night stay and a written apology.

    Pauline Thorpe - London, UK

  • I purchased shoes online and when I opened the box they had sent me two left feet. I contacted the business but they refused to give me a refund. A friend told me about Complaint City and because of them I was able to get my money back.

    Kelvin Francisco - Mississauga, ON

  • I bought an online program that was backed by a money back guarantee but the company stopped responding to my emails when I requested a refund. Complaint City recovered every penny.

    Mitchell Dean - Edmonton, AB

  • I couldn't get a hold of anyone after I had sent them my payment. I tried for weeks. Complaint City was able to get me a refund in just 5 days.

    Alexandra Jenkins - Toronto, ON